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About Us


To provide High Quality Indigenized solutions to Pakistan Industry to partly contribute for transforming the Technology Importing biased companies into Technology Advanced Companies with local reliance for advancement on modern footings.

Working Methodology

The will for improving products as well as production is generally restrained by two main factors ; knowledge and finance. Proper application of knowledge based economy can eliminate both the restraining element and cost economical solutions can be achieved for any challenging situation.

We design state of the art systems as per need of customers through indigenized design and produce products by local manufacturing, down loading work to local reputed industry and imports for ensuring the highest quality products in minimum cost. The joint ventures and collaborations are also welcomed to get the best of the best products.

Our Activities

The projects undertaken to achieve the objectives are focused on industries in Private Sector in various engineering fields. In addition helping National industries like Automobile, Aeronautical and Textile industry is also our motive. The projects are accomplished primarily through indigenization efforts supplemented by imports (if needed) using knowledge of group of engineers with high qualifications in various specialties. The indigenization efforts and services include designing and prototyping, systems integration, providing quality hi-tech indigenized Products / System produced through Local Manufacturing and Imports.

Present diversified activities of the company, revolves around providing High Quality Indigenized solutions to Pakistan Industry for transforming the culture from Technology Importing biased companies to local reliance on modern footings.