Solar PV Systems for Homes

We design and supply a variety of Solar PV Systems for domestic use, from a simple 40 W 12 V DC system, to a 3000 W 220 V AC system with suitable intelligent control system. The systems can be on- grid or stand-alone off-grid or even UPS load sharing system. Two of our very basic systems are shown below.

UPS Load Sharing System

An intelligent system, share the load of all the appliances connected with your existing UPS through a controller without using separate Inverter and batteries. The system is programmed to take over the UPS system by Solar Supply. Switch over is done through auto disconnect & re-connect of UPS from main electric supply when sun is available and battery capacity is more than 40%.

SEP Series Systems

A reliable and handy Solar System operating on 12V DC is a Cost effective solution; now available within your reach. The series offers you the choice of appliances and size of the system as per your needs. The system is always operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

SEP 40 is the smallest and cheapest and includes the following high quality :

  • A Solar Panel
  • Fan (16 inches), DC 12 V
  • Low watt but high lumens LED Lights
  • A Battery
  • DC Management Module
  • Cable and Connectors
SEP Type (12V,DC) Solar Panel (watts) Qty Fan>
(16 inches, 3 speed)
LED Lights Battery (maintenance Free) Average Operating time of appliances per day
5 W 10 W
SEP 40 40



- 12 V, 24 AH Fan 14 hrs
Light 10 hrs
SEP 80 80 1  or (2) 2 2 or (1) 12 V, 40 AH Fans 2x10 hrs
Lights 4x9 hrs
SEP 120 120 3 3 2 12 V, 60 AH Fans 3x9 hrs
Lights 5x8 hrs